Motion Graphics Design: Medical Company Design Test
Illustration: Tattoo Designs
Projection Mapping: "Digital Art Installation"
Title Sequence: "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
Festival Branding: "Designfest Clonmel"
Projection Mapping: "Safe and Sound"
Motion Graphics Piece: "Christmas Card for Ciaran"
3D Ident: "Personal Branding"
Projection Mapping: Painting with Light
3D Modelling: "Rubber Ducky"
Kinect Hand Gesture Game: "Dew Mondays"
Motion Graphics: "Sting for Creative Multimedia LSAD"
Portfolio Showreel 2014: "Pixel Blur Productions"
Nav Bar Generator: "The Navigation Bar"
Game Design & Development: "Audio Sequencer"
Graphic Design: "Personal Logo Design"
Motion Graphics Project: "Planets Song"
Video Production: "Crossed Paths"
Graphic Design: "Design with Type"
Game Design & Development: "Ducky Destruction"
Game Design & Development: "George in the Graveyard"
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